Connecting to Light Telesummit Recap

I’m so excited to reconnect with all of you now that we’re starting the New Year! It was great to enjoy the holidays with family and friends and take time to relax and now I feel full of energy to move forward into 2016.

Series 1 of the Connecting to Light Telesummit was a fantastic experience. The summit was truly transformative! We heard from incredibly gifted intuitives and healers. It was such an honor to talk with them!

I finished each call feeling full of joy and hope about all the possibility that each one of us holds within our being. It never ceases to amaze me how gifted speakers and healers can shift our energy out of fear and negativity and into feeling joy and abundance!

Each speaker brought a unique approach and perspective. We learned about connecting with our intuition, living from vision, Akashic Record wisdom, the power of self love and so much more.

Each speaker offers his or her own special key to open the door to joy and abundance and it’s wonderful to hear from you how one particular key sometimes is the magic one for you. Each of us also hears in our unique way so it’s like magic when a certain approach can suddenly resonate and suddenly make all the difference in changing everything!

Series 2 which will start on March 1st promises to take us even further in our journey of connecting to our light!

There will be familiar voices and wonderful new surprises! Watch for updates on all the details! My goal is to find that magic key for everyone to actually know – really know – that the power to transform our lives is inside us, right here, right now. We only need to realize it!

I am so grateful that we are on this journey together!

Peace and joy!